Can Caps

Can Caps


Enjoy at home or on the move

Introducing GlassUp, the innovating portable tool which transforms your drinks can into a resealable premium glass bottle, anywhere you are.

Ask around and you will notice that people prefer bottles over cans. Cans are more easy to stack, lightweight and easy to store. So would it not be amazing that you could benefit from the lightweight of a can and the great experience of a bottle?

Now there is the solution to it all: The innovating tool that makes your can into a bottle: Light, durable, portable and recyclable. Both silicone and plastic are BPA free. The Glass version is made from recycled glass and silicone

The Clear and Green GlassUp. Usable with any standard sized can, allows you to enjoy the experience of drinking from a bottle, even when none are around.

Take it on the move or enjoy it at home; the GlassUp is fully recyclable and dishwasher safe, allowing you to drink the way you want.

Promotion of an event, Company, product or more. The Glassup will give yours a great additional boost with this innovating premium glass feeling.


This product is:

  • Light
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Perfect for everyday

Easy to use:

  • Clip it on a can and ready to go
  • This Glassup fits al standard cans


Use one of our silicone bottle caps to cover your bottle to save your drink for later and prevents spillages and the presence of insects

The silicone clip on can also be used to add your company name or slogan. Ask us for more information.

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4 Can Cap BPA Free

Product no.: SKU-PGLASSUP-4

13.75 / set(s) *
After received payment, shipped within 1-2 workingdays

4 Can Cap Glass

Product no.: SKU-GGLASSUP-4

14.00 / set(s) *
After received payment, shipped within 1-2 workingdays

40 Can Cap Glass

Product no.: SKU-GGLASSUP-40

90.00 / 40 unit(s) *
After received payment, shipped within 8 workingdays

40 Can Caps BPA Free

Product no.: SKU-PGLASSUP-40

90.00 / 40 unit(s) *
After received payment, shipped within 8 workingdays
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery