Happy Birthday cake mould

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Happy Birthday cake mould

For your easy to create and enjoy your party.

Dimensions: 20 cm * 5 cm ( 7.9 * 1.97 inch)

Material: silicone

Before using: rinse well, dry and when using in oven a little oil into the mould.

Happy creating!!

Silicone is not plastic, for the 100% pure silicone material, it will be slightly yellow, after using for a long time in the oven, not aging. It is the special phenomenon of pure silicone, it will not effect the use of the mould.  The mould will have creases if after heavy pressure for long time.. Please don't worry.  It can be recovered after release the pressure.  As the pure silicone has good insulation effect. So if in the dry weather can have electrostatic adsorption of small particles of debris phenomenon.  It is easy to wash off by water. Ca be repeatedly used.



When you get the mould and first time to make cake or chocolate. First of all, please fill the water in the mould and put into the microwave or oven transfer for 1-2 minutes, then drain, to get rid of the smell.



When you make the cake, please do not full up the cake mould, just 3/4. The cake will rise when making..


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