Glow in the Dark Christmas sticker for window and doors


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Glow in the Dark Christmas sticker for window and doors

Festive window or door sticker for the holidays.

Absorbs light during the day making them light up in the evening and at night.

Not suitable for small children. Take the height into account.

Sticker sheet is 29 * 20 cm. You can determine the size of the image on the window and / or door itself.


Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface. Remove the stickers from the sheet one by one
Place it on a flat surface without pressing on it, so that it is possible to retract it and reinsert it if necessary
If the result is satisfactory for you, press them firmly onto the surface and push any air bubbles out
Simple and quick installation: pull them off and glue them on a clean surface without glue and they are also easy to remove.
If you have bubbles, gently prick them with a small needle and gently smooth out.
Clean the smooth surface before applying the stickers.

• Non-toxic, environmental protection, waterproof
• Size on sticker sheet: approximately A: 29x20cm
• Size on smooth surface: as large as you want
• Material: PVC

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